Ballroom JEWELRY (Artizen) 

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Jewelry for today’s woman…

We passionately design elegant custom Ballroom Jewelry (Artizen).

What is Artizen? Naturally this is a play on the words Artisan and Zen – we think it expresses today’s woman who is both creative and relaxed.

By using Vintage, Traditional, Contemporary and Classic jewelry design influences, we stay true to the needs of today’s woman. Each piece, handcrafted in our design studio, is held to the highest standards of artistry, quality and elegance.

Lori Lori™ Jewelry has been carried in premier department store settings nationally for almost two decades. An intuition and class are designed into each piece and only the finest materials are used. Quality and elegance united.


Lori Gincig is the owner, creator and designer of Lori Lori™ Jewelry. Born in California, She has been designing since 1993. Her passion for collecting jewelry started as a young girl. When she was 10 years old, she went to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet with her parents and was fascinated by vintage jewelry, vintage dishes, vintage clothing, vintage furniture. It was then that she began teaching herself to design, and was selling it to her friends. As she grew, so did her passion. Lori has been a collector, a picker, a jewelry designer to the movie and television industry and has had her own private label for over 16 years. Well known in Nordstrom for over a decade, Lori has now gone back to her roots as an artist, and now offers a range from Lori Lori™ Ballroom (Artizen) to Naturals. Lori is inspired by the beach, her love of luxurious things, and by the desire to create something pure. Truly a visionary and a fashion trendsetter. Lori is always ahead of the curve and provides excellence in everything she does. An accomplished ballroom dancer and avid fashionista. Lori translates her good taste into her Jewelry. You will love her designs and so will your friends!