LORI LORI™ ARTIZEN Jewelry is an explosion of sexy style, hand made and enticing. Our necklaces, cuffs, earrings and halos are sure to capture light and reflection. Our captivating colors and interesting patterns make these unique pieces desirable works of art.

Although these pieces are designed for Ballroom, they are versatile and can also be worn day and evening. Dress yourself up with a little black dress, or wear the ARTIZEN Necklaces casually with a tee-shirt and jeans. You can even wear the collection to the office as a sophisticated statement with a blouse and a pencil skirt.

Comfortable, supple, unique. Be it Ballroom or day to day...this line is outstanding.

Jewelry passionately designed. Elegant, custom & handmade for Ballroom (Artizen).

Jewelry redefined. 

What is Artizen? Naturally this is a play on the words Artisan and Zen - we think it expresses today's woman who is both creative and relaxed.

By using Vintage, Traditional, Contemporary and Classic jewelry design influences, we stay true to the needs of today’s woman. Each piece, handcrafted in our design studio, is held to the highest standards of artistry, quality and elegance.

Lori Lori™ Jewelry has been carried in premier department store settings nationally for almost two decades. An intuition and class are designed into each piece and only the finest materials are used. Quality and elegance united.